Hard Floor Strip

Flexible services tailored to your specific needs

Strip and seal can be applied on vinyl, ceramic tile, timber,  marble and concrete flooring and strip away coats of grime, cleaning film or worn sealant.  As an example, vinyl floors can be polished multiple times but once the polish has been scratched or worn away by time, your floors will need to be stripped back to unmarked vinyl and then re-coated with multiple layers of clear polish.  We remove all the old polish and dirt, paying attention to edges and corners then wet vacuum the slurry off. After neutralising the surface and buffing we apply new sealer and finish to the surface.  Vinyl Wood-plank flooring looks great with a Satin Finish and provides a sacrificial coat that will protect your flooring. We can also apply matt or high gloss finishes right through to UHS (Ultra-High-Speed) polish that suit supermarkets that get burnished often.  

Client satisfaction and quality results are our top priority and whether it’s commercial or residential cleaning, we are dedicated to delivering a quality service tailored to your needs.